Storytelling / Art & Craft / Dramatization

Nothing captivates a child’s attention more than stories. The little ones will be mesmerized. The stories will be used as a tool to promote thinking skills and develop vocabulary.

Phonics / Reading

Introduction to letter sounds, short and long vowel, rhymes, diagraphs, blends, spelling rules. Beginning sounds & Ending sounds, spellings, sight words, comprehension, vocabulary, reading fluency, accuracy and expression.

Curious Me

Why do camels have a hump? Why does the popcorn pop? How far does the sky reach? These are some of the questions this module will answer, while simultaneously stimulating curiosity for further enquiry. Children will be enjoying the engaging activities that appeal to natural curiosity, scientific investigation and exploration.


The sessions employ hands on activities to enhance their observation, sensory awareness and understanding of concepts. The activities help them connect to and interpret classroom learning. They also associate it to their prior experiences and learning. Range of themes helps achieve the above objectives. E.g. – Plants, Amazing and unusual animals, Passport to the world, Magnets, My trip to space etc. A variety of group exercises facilitate an understanding for compare and contrast, categorization, critical thinking and reasoning skills. The sessions also focus on alphabet recognition, phonological awareness, sight words, reading, reading comprehension and understanding of question words. Fluency in speech and clarity in expression, using appropriate vocabulary to express are key features of communication skills. The drama exercises help achieve the above. End of the year children perform a short skit and also recite their favorite stories/ poems for the audience. This fun quotient and the interest level during the sessions are maintained using audiovisuals aids, group exercises, art and craft, experiments, puppet shows, role-plays, and storytelling.

The modules in third grade help develop thinking skills, reasoning, analytical thinking, language skills, verbal expression and computer skills. Children will create their own power point presentations and will learn to scan information. The program focuses on various formats of creative writing. The focus is on clarity, appropriate use of vocabulary and communication of ideas through a sequential organization of thoughts. The program also helps build comprehension skills. Students will consistently include the use of planning and composing stage of process writing, proof reading and editing when creating written work. A variety of topics, e.g. – Habitats and Ecosystem, Travelling Across World, Legends and Tall Tales enhance their general awareness and also add to the fun quotient. The sessions involve an extensive use of audiovisuals aids, group exercises, art and craft, experiments, role-plays, enactments, group discussions, class projects and presentations.